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For those not familiar with programming, this phrase has roots in the software development world where “Hello World” is often used as the first output that someone uses when learning a new language. We decided to start with this because many people don’t know our background and what we have been up to. This is admittedly our own fault and we have neglected telling our own story since we have been so busy telling the stories of others and building great digital products for them.

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The Background of RJP

The roots of RJP come from a combination of highly creative and meticulous technical backgrounds with a common ground of curiosity and the desire to build great things. This overlap leads to creating useful digital products that also look great and are easy to use. Our roots began in the late 90s in web design and software development as we worked as consultants in other firms. During this time, we witnessed the web evolving and found our niche in ASP.NET, PHP and JavaScript. We spent 2 decades building custom apps, custom WordPress sites and working with various JavaScript frameworks like React, Vue and others. RJP was founded in 2020 to provide services to a growing demand of client needs. As you know, 2020 was a rough year and turned out to be a hard year to begin a new company. But, we came though the other side and continued to grow our services and relationships with our clients.

Possible Zone Marketing

Carrie and Ray Evans began Possible Zone Marketing in 2013 with the idea to help clients advertise more effectively online with digital ads on Google, Bing and social media platforms. Ray and Carrie’s backgrounds are in sales and marketing and they needed help with the technical side and found Jeff Rainey, one of the RJP Co-Founders, who provided the assistance for hosting and any custom PHP or JavaScript needs. Over the years as Possible Zone grew and was able to hire a person internally to handle these needs. Possible Zone continued to grow and provide excellent digital advertising and marketing services through 2022. In 2022 RJP acquired Possible Zone Marketing seeing it as a complementary addition to our custom design and development. Combining the marketing abilities from PZ with RJP’s technical abilities and past knowledge made perfect sense.

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Moving Forward

Our growing team is continuously learning and relearning our craft and we are ready to tackle any of your digital needs. Our diverse range of talent provides you with solutions for:

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